How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

Remove old apps and files you aren’t using anymore from your Android, so it runs more quickly. You can also improve your phone’s performance and free up a lot of space by clearing your app cache. Here are the ways How to Speed up an Android Smartphone.

How to Speed up an Android Smartphone
How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

If your device is full of pictures, you can back them up more quickly by transferring them to a computer or uploading them to your computer to free up space on your drive. Lastly, you can perform a factory reset to restore your device to its original state. It will clean up your app data and will reset your settings. Back up your personal information beforehand.

Uninstall old apps

Go to the Settings app

If you tap the grid at the bottom of your Home screen, this app will appear in your app drawer. Settings are also usually accessible via the Notification Panel.

Select Apps, Apps & notifications, or Applications

Then click All

Applications to see all installed applications.

Click on an app you don’t use to remove it.

Slowing down your device can be caused by some apps that no longer serve your needs. Such apps may take up space and run in the background. Next to each app entry in the list, you can see how much space it takes.

  • By tapping the * button, you can sort by size in some Android versions.

To uninstall an app, tap it. To uninstall an app, tap it.

Click Uninstall. 

It is possible that the app came pre-installed and cannot be removed entirely if this button is not available.

To disable, tap Turn Off or Disable. 

Depending on the update, you may have to tap Uninstall updates first.

Repeat the process for any other apps you want to uninstall.

Having more space on your phone means you can remove more apps. As a result, your phone will perform better.

Delete Old Files

Click the app list button.

It is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Select Downloads or Files.

Tap and hold each file you wish to delete. 

There will be a checkmark next to each file you want to delete.

Click the Trash icon. 

Depending on your device’s layout, you can usually tap a trashcan button or a Delete button at the top of this screen.

Verify your action. 

Choose OK from the dialogue box. Congratulations!

Clearing Your Cache

Go to Settings 

And then click on the App tab.

Click on Storage & USB. 

Click on the Storage option.

Select Cached data.

Click OK.

Your device will now clear all cached data. The next time you launch your apps, you’ll need to sign into them again.

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