How to Donate to Charity With Alexa

How to Donate to Charity With Alexa

Do you want to donate learn How to donate to charity with Alexa ? Alexa Donations make it easy to donate. To make a difference globally, all you need is Amazon Pay and voice command.

How to Donate to Charity With Alexa
How to Donate to Charity With Alexa

What to Know About Alexa Donations

Amazon Pay cannot process donations directly from credit card issuers or cards connected directly to Alexa’s Donate to Charity feature. In addition, users cannot complete a transaction without your Amazon account payment information.

Amazon charges a 2.2% transaction fee and a $0.30 authorization fee for each donation. For every $100 you donate to your chosen charity, Alexa adds $2.50 . Charity Navigator, for example, charges lower transaction fees, enabling a greater percentage of your donation to benefit the intended recipient.

How to Donate to Your Favorite Charity Using Alexa

Download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android to donate to your favorite charity with Alexa.

Visit and download the app so you can set a default credit card. With Amazon Pay, everyone who has an Amazon account is able to pay; it doesn’t require additional registration.

From there, open the Alexa app or use an Alexa-enabled device to direct Alexa to donate to the charity of your choice.
“How much would you like to contribute?” contribute?” contribute?” Alexa will ask you to choose a donation amount between $5 and $200 if you are below $5.
You will be asked to confirm the donation amount after stating the donation amount. Your Amazon Pay account will use the default credit card on file if you say “Yes.”. Alexa will confirm she won’t donate if you say “No.”.

Which Charities Accept are Donations Using Alexa?

Visit Alexa Donations to see a list of all charities using Alexa.

The number of eligible charities that accept voice donations has increased to over 380 as of August 2021. American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Cancer Research Institute, and the American Cancer Society are among the most popular organizations. In addition to these, there are numerous lesser-known charities, including Fast Act (Friends Advancing Summit Schools Track and Cross Country Teams) and Arizona Small Dog Rescue.

On the Alexa Donations page, use the search bar to find charities.

How Do I View My Donations?

All of your charitable transactions can be found under the “Orders” tab on if you log in using your Amazon credentials. Unfortunately, the donation history on Amazon is not separate from regular orders (e.g., household items), so you may have to do some detective work to retrieve it for tax purposes.

A Neat Way to Donate Using Alexa

You can quickly make donations with Alexa’s Charity Donation feature. We support more than 300 charities, so you will never be short on good causes. A charity’s website is no longer required for filling out forms. A quick wake word will donate dollars to your favorite cause if you own an Amazon Pay account and an Alexa-enabled device.

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