How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice

How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice

Alexa is Amazon’s smart home assistant, which can perform tasks such as setting timers, predicting the weather, and buying items for you from Amazon. You can Delete your Alexa recordings by voice.
You may wonder how you can erase any record of the stupid things you ask Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, if reports of Amazon employees listening to Alexa recordings are true or if random families have their conversations recorded by Alexa and sent to accidental contact.
All the commands you give Alexa get store in your Alexa account by default. Want to review what you’ve asked Alexa, delete the most embarrassing inquiries, and stop Amazon from listening to your recordings?

How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice
How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice

Alexa is getting new privacy features today from Amazon. The company offers an educational “privacy hub” and the option to delete audio recordings by voice. By default, it’s off; you must flip a switch to enable it.
Alexa sends your voice to the Amazon servers whenever you say her wake word. Unlike Google Assistant, Amazon keeps your recordings indefinitely, and you cannot stop it. Until now, you could only delete your recordings manually by logging into Amazon’s privacy dashboard.
In the future, Amazon will provide you with better information about its privacy policies. Amazon will make it easier for you to delete recordings.

Amazon Introduces a Privacy Hub and also lets delete voice recordings

Amazon’s new privacy hub became available on May 29, 2019. And is a central resource that explains Alexa privacy policies and how features like wake words and indicator lights work. Users can also find Alexa’s privacy settings there. It’s nice to see all this information in one place, as previously it was available across different websites.

The more important new feature Amazon just introduced is the ability to delete some of your recorded recordings by speaking to Alexa. Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete anything older than today’s commands using voice commands.

This feature is being rolled out to everyone, but it’s an opt-in process. It’s an odd choice since Alexa does confirm your intention before deleting recordings once this feature is turned on. Hence, the idea is to give you control of your data and prevent “unintended deletions.”

You can opt-in by visiting the Alexa Privacy Dashboard, clicking on “Review Voice History”, and then flipping the “Enable deletion by voice” toggle. Alternatively, you can say, “delete everything I said today.” Engadget reports that you can also say “delete what I just said,” but we could not make that command work, and Amazon’s website does not mention it. Nevertheless, this feature may be coming soon.

It would be great if Alexa would follow Google’s example and not store the voice recordings it collects. But we’re happy with what we have.

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