How to Analyze some of the features of Alexa

How to Analyze some of the features of Alexa

Here is a great resource for people wanting to improve their Alexa rank. One of the most popular tools for ranking websites has quietly added new analytical functions for analyzing source keywords, visitor actions, age, sex, occupation, and even whether a visitor is a parent. Learn How to Analyze some of the features of Alexa.

How to Analyze some of the features of Alexa
How to Analyze some of the features of Alexa

A previous version of Alexa included:

  • The ability to query the average period per person per day.
  • The inquiry function of the curve graph displayed the average PV per person.
  • The inquiry function for returning customers.

The following are the results for a search on ‘Baidu’:

(From search engines, Baidu appears most frequently with this keyword)

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The results are:

1) Many people entered the Chinese phonetic alphabets for Baidu in the search engines, probably using third-party browsers or plug-ins;

2) One of Baidu’s main advantages is access to MP3;

3) Baidu is a major contributor to QQ traffic;

4) RSS feeds, and perpetual calendars are quite popular.

As a result of analyzing the visitor’s action sequence, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1) When it comes to Baidu vs. Google, 3.93% of the visitors choose Google first, while 2.87% choose Baidu;

2) Portal websites, videos, and search engines are still the most popular methods of gathering information;

3) About 1.66 % of visitors got access to Web Address Guide, indicating a relatively stable market for the service.

Depending on the age, sex, occupation, and if they have kids, we can determine the following:

1) The data is not particularly reliable; they can only be used as a guide;

2) Alexa may also develop follow-up analysis functions, such as how much the visitor’s income is each month.

We also provide a list of websites with Alexa ranks less than 100,000, with their PR values. Our revision increases the transparency of some of each site’s data. It is possible to analyze your competitors simultaneously as they are analyzing you. Alexa has been reformed.

It is recommended that you study the tool to increase your Alexa rank. Even though Alexa holds third place in the world’s biggest website ranking institutions, some people may consider it unnecessary. A website’s Alexa rank can be a significant indicator when demonstrating the value of the website, especially when you want to sell it or sell links and ads related to it, or make a report about the performance of your company – the Alexa rank can be extremely useful in all these cases. It is just the beginning of the revision process. Will we see Alexa’s next move?

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