How to Disconnect from Social Media

How to Disconnect from Social Media

The world has never been more connected. regardless of where within the world you’re, you’ll send a message to anyone in another part of the planet as long as you both have internet connection. In fact, Aussies living within the Outback will soon have access to the internet comparable to their city-dwelling counterparts. The web not only breaks distance barriers, but also social barriers. A daily person, such as you or me, can now tweet our favourite authors, athletes, and other famous personalities! Sometimes, they even respond.

But sometimes, you’ll stray in your online life that you simply forget to measure your real world. you’ll specialise in being more connected only to finish up being disconnected with the important world. Sometimes, you would like to require a step back, disconnect from social media and connect with life once more. Here are nine ways you are doing so:

  1. Eliminate Gadgets One Hour Before Sleep and After Wake Up

You should spend the primary hour of your day setting your own plans and agenda. you need to be proactive in setting the direction of your day, not reactive. This way, you’ll determine how you would like your whole day to travel, not simply reacting to how people want you to spend your day. During the primary hour of your day, you’ll pray, meditate, connect with yourself, set your to-dos, and set your goals.

You should also allot the last hour of your day preparing to rest–your body and your mind. If you check your social media profile before getting to bed, your mind won’t get the remainder it deserves as you’ll fill your mind together with your friends’ updates on their news feeds, which don’t necessarily make your life any better in any way or offer you rest.

  1. Turn Off All Your Push Notifications

It doesn’t only save your battery life; it also saves you from tons of distractions. close up all of your push notifications from email, chat, and social media applications. just in case of really urgent matters, people will offer you a call.

Success is about momentum. How are you able to gain momentum when notifications keep distracting you?

  1. Keep your phone in a locker while you’re working.

Sometimes, merely seeing your phone can distract you whether or not your notifications are turned off. So, why not take the additional mile and completely hide it far away from your sight given you’ll still hear urgent phone calls?

  1. Use Just One Device for Checking Social Media

Facebook on your desktop, on your laptop, on your smartphone, and, now, even on your Apple Watch? That’s great! For Facebook that’s. But, not for your focus and productivity. The more devices you’ve got which will log in to your social media profiles, the more distractions you’ve got to avoid.

Of course, you continue to need to be connected online. But, use just one device to try to do so. This may assist you condition your mind (and discipline yourself) that your gadgets are your tools for doing more important things than aimlessly scrolling down your news feed.

  1. Give Yourself 30 Minutes to Stay Connected

Yes, you continue to need to log in! Being connected through social media is basically a requirement during this technology-driven world. But, set a deadline for it. Otherwise, you’ll only waste hours every day. Give yourself thirty minutes (an hour at most) every day to reply to text messages, check notifications, accept friend requests, and answer comments. I do know you continue to want to. Unless, of course, you’re a social media manager. That’s a special story.

In case you can’t discipline yourself to prevent logging in to social media, you’ll use browser extensions like StayFocusd for Google Chrome  to limit the time you spend on them.

  1. Allot One Hour of Your Day to Respond to Emails

In this increasingly online world, email still remains the foremost personal way of online communication. This is often where the foremost important engagements still happen online. Other socials like Friendster and Multiply have come and gone, but email still remains. That’s why you’ll spend another hour every day checking and responding to your emails.

  1. Subscribe to Your Favourite Websites via RSS or Email

Most folks believe social media also to urge updates on our favourite blogs and website. But social media are filled with distractions. Instead, be proactive in getting updates also. Subscribe via RSS or email to form sure that the sole updates you receive are the updates you actually want to receive.

Don’t have an RSS reader? Try Feedly. Using RSS readers could also be a touch confusing initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll prevent from tons of distractions. But that also can get addicting. So, schedule catching abreast of your RSS reader as well!

  1. Use Third Party Tools to Post on Social Media

In case you actually got to post updates, use third party applications like Hootsuite and Buffer. That way, you’ll avoid logging in to your social media accounts and getting distracted by your news feed and notifications. Because once you’ve logged in, it’s hard to log out! You don’t fight temptation, you avoid it!

  1. Live a Real Life

Most importantly, live a true life, interact with real people, and be awesome within the real world! Don’t stress yourself making your profile wonderful. Live an awesome life and it’ll automatically follow!

Do exciting stuff. Write a book. Plan a visit. Whatever. Just be awesome!

Most importantly, live a life that matters and you don’t need to get your satisfaction and fulfilment from likes and shares ever again!

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